Message from Chief Executive David Brown

This is a difficult time for us all. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak is having a major impact on communities across the world. During the crisis we have three priorities: to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our colleagues and customers, to play our role in society in challenging times and to protect our business.

We are protecting our colleagues and customers’ safety and wellbeing by encouraging social distancing on our services, enhancing our cleaning regimes and following the latest government guidance. Our bus and rail workers are playing a key role in this crisis, and I am so proud of the work they are doing to support each other, customers and wider society during this time.

We know how important public transport is for our communities across the UK and abroad. During the lockdown in the UK, rail and bus journeys are at less than 10% of normal levels. We will continue to keep services running to support key workers who need to access hospital, supermarkets and places of work. Please follow official guidance and only travel if it is strictly necessary.

I appreciate that things remain uncertain for all of us. We are continuing to secure the future of our business. We welcomed the news that the government will provide funding for buses for 12 weeks.

This will, we hope, enable us to cover the costs of providing vital services during this time of crisis.

Across our UK rail, London bus and international businesses in Ireland, Singapore, Norway and Germany, we are working with our national and local government partners to deliver the service patterns required to meet current needs and reducing costs to ensure the businesses remain financially viable.

Keep safe,

David Brown

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What we're doing

We're putting safety first, working hard to ensure key workers can get to their place of work and supporting our colleagues.

Service updates


Our bus companies are running limited services during this time.

Where we have hospital bus routes, such as Metrobus and Bluestar, our colleagues have been matching timetables to shift patterns as best possible so that key workers can access hospitals more easily. 

For the most up-to-date timetables, please refer to your local bus operator’s website.

Please find the list of our bus companies here.


Our rail companies, GTR and Southeastern, are also running reduced services in agreement with the UK government. The Gatwick Express has been suspended from the 30 March, with Southern and Thameslink trains continuing to serve Gatwick Airport.

Please refer to specific websites for detailed information on timetables and any specific queries regarding tickets:

Supporting our passengers

We are doing everything possible to reduce risks for our passengers who still need to use public transport. We have introduced enhanced cleaning measures across our bus and rail companies and are ensuring that our colleagues have access to areas to continually wash their hands.

On our bus services, we are encouraging customers to pay by card to reduce contact with drivers. We are also encouraging social distancing across all our services. 

Our bus companies have relaxed restrictions on concessionary passes, so that people can travel during this time - if it is strictly necessary.  We are working closely with local governments to ensure that we can provide essential transport services while maintaining passengers’ safety and security.

Supporting our colleagues

We are fully supporting our frontline bus and rail colleagues in every capacity that we can during this difficult time. We’re encouraging good hygiene, displaying NHS advice in internal areas and consistently sending up-to-date information so that everyone is informed of the latest news and symptoms.

We’re making sure that colleagues can wash their hands on a more regular basis. We are continuing to follow the most up-to-date safety standards across our operating companies. All office-based colleagues have been given comprehensive guidance on working remotely.

The Coronavirus crisis will also have an impact on our colleagues’ mental health. We are promoting our employee assistance programmes to help our workforce understand where they can go for confidential support, whether it’s for social isolation, anxiety or stress. No one should be suffering alone.

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Passenger FAQs

It is safe to travel on our buses and trains, but the Government has advised against any non-essential travel. Our services are open for key workers who need to place of work, hospitals and supermarkets. You are not at a higher risk using public transport than any other public space.

However, if you do use our services, please observe social distancing guidelines and try to stay two metres apart from other people and avoid paying with cash where possible.

Last Updated: 28 April 2020

We are continuing to follow the latest Government guidance on personal protective equipment in each country where we operate services. In the UK, the government is not currently recommending masks, eye defenders or gloves for transport colleagues.

Last Updated: 28 April 2020

Go-Ahead operates under a devolved management system, so each of our local bus and train companies have their own refund policies. We urge you to go to your local operator’s bus or rail site to find out more specific information on refunds.

Last Updated: 28 April 2020

We are encouraging good hygiene, providing hand sanitiser, displaying government health advice in internal areas and making sure our colleagues have access to spaces to wash their hands more frequently and enforcing social distancing. We are making sure to communicate regularly with colleagues on the latest updates and continuing to support them with their mental and physical health.

We have reiterated to colleagues that if any member of staff or their household presents with any Coronavirus symptoms (high temperature or a persistent cough) they must not attend work for the relevant incubation period.

Last Updated: 28 April 2020

Our normal ticketing policies and prices still apply across the UK and internationally. However, we have lifted ticket restrictions for concession pass holders. Bus travel across Go-Ahead London and all London buses is currently free.

Last Updated: 28 April 2020

While we are accepting cash on all our UK bus services outside London, we would strongly recommend using contactless payment methods to minimise contact with our drivers. All our bus fleets in the UK have smart card readers, which will accept contactless bank cards, smart cards and mobile phone payments.

Last Updated: 28 April 2020