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Our strategy


‘A world where every journey is taken care of’ describes our vision, and our aspirations, at the highest level. We believe that how we behave will benefit all our stakeholders, and help us grow and build a business for the long term.


Our Group strategy is to generate value for our investors, by building a sustainable business that meets the needs of our customers and communities. This strategy is underpinned by our strategic priorities.

Our strategy is supported by our divisional bus and rail strategies and is underpinned by our strategic priorities: 


As a Group we have four strategic areas that we focus on: society; customers; our people; and finance.


To run our companies in a safe, socially and environmentally responsible manner.

We believe a sustainable public transport network is essential to the future of any society and as a leading provider of passenger transport services, sustainability is integral to the way we run our business.

Ensuring the safety of our passengers and our people is an absolute priority for us. We are also committed to making a contribution to the communities in which we operate and wider society.

Reducing the environmental impact of our operations while providing a greener alternative to the private car contributes to the government’s environmental targets. The economic contribution from Go-Ahead helps support economic recovery and longer term prosperity.

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To provide high quality, locally focused passenger transport services.

Meeting the needs of our customers is vital to the success of the Group. Providing reliable, value for money passenger transport encourages more passengers to use our services and leaves us well placed to tender for contracts with our transport authority customers.

Our devolved structure ensures strong localised expertise, focuses on the needs of the local customer and gives us the ability to respond quickly to changing conditions in the local markets. Good customer service is at the heart of everything we do and we are committed to delivering high levels of customer satisfaction across the board.

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To be a leading employer in the transport sector.

Our people are our most valuable and important asset. Without them our buses and trains cannot create value. It is our teams across the Group that keep the business moving and are the face of Go-Ahead.

Investing in and developing our people enables them to fulfil their potential and assists them in carrying out their jobs to the best of their ability, thereby improving the customer experience. Effective leadership development and succession planning are essential to sustainable success for the Group and a diverse workforce further enhances this.

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To run our business with strong financial discipline to deliver sustainable shareholder value.

Our aim is to deliver shareholder value through a combination of earnings growth, strong cash generation and balance sheet management, supplemented by value adding growth opportunities. We have a steadfast commitment to operating with strong financial discipline and a conservative view to risk. The strength of our balance sheet allows us to pursue opportunities, adding value to the Group and making attractive returns to shareholders.

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