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Our Board

Go-Ahead is headed by a Board whose members are collectively responsible for the long term success of the Group. Principally, we achieve this through:

  • developing and monitoring the Group’s strategy, vision, attitude and beliefs
  • monitoring safety standards and championing improvements
  • setting strategic objectives for the operating companies within the Group
  • monitoring performance of the Group
  • ensuring adequate funding, examining and approving major investment and acquisition opportunities
  • governing and leading culture based on assessment, alignment and assurance
  • formulating policy on key issues and reporting to shareholders
  • assessing the governance framework of the Group
  • reviewing internal controls and maintaining a robust system of risk management
  • ensuring that suitable procedures are in place for the planning of executive and non-executive director succession

The Board meets formally at least nine times a year, including a separate meeting being dedicated to reviewing the Group’s strategy. The meetings are structured to allow open discussion and debate. The chairman ensures that adequate time is available for discussion of all agenda items. A 12 month rolling programme of items for discussion by the Board is prepared to ensure that all matters reserved to the Board and other key issues are considered at appropriate times.

Details of the Board’s responsibilities, and the matters which are reserved for the decision of the Board, are set out in the schedule of matters reserved for the Board.

The chairman of the Board was independent upon appointment and all other non-executive directors are considered independent, in compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code, which requires at least half of the Board, excluding the chairman, to be independent.

All Board members were last re-elected by shareholders at our last AGM in October and will stand for re-election at our next AGM in the autumn. Patrick Butcher, who joined the Board in March 2016 will stand for election at the same AGM in autumn.