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Our strategy is to deliver the commitments of our existing franchises, provide good customer service and secure future franchises through competitive bidding processes, whilst maintaining the moderate returns generated from this sector. We remain committed and focused on the GTR franchise which began as a fully merged operation in July 2015 and delivering the commitments of the directly awarded contracts in Southeastern and London Midland. The UK rail market continues to offer significant opportunities over the coming years. We have an established strong position and a good long term track record in the industry and we aim to secure the future of rail profitability by exploring these and other opportunities. UK rail franchises are governed by contracts between train operators, Network Rail and DfT. These contracts contain detailed performance regimes allocating financial responsibility and material provisions are made in these results reflecting management’s significant experience on the most probable outcomes of settling these amounts.



This franchise started in September 2014 with Great Northern and Thameslink routes. Southern and Gatwick Express routes were integrated in July 2015. The network reaches from King's Lynn in the north to Brighton in the south.


In 2007 Go-Ahead won the London Midland franchise which operates through the heart of England, connecting London, the Midlands and the north-west.


The Southeastern franchise was won in 2006 and operates services throughout Kent, parts of East Sussex and south-east London. Since December 2009 we have also operated the UK's first high-speed domestic service on HS1.