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Our approach to sustainability

Our sustainability strategy is aligned with our business strategy and engages in activities that deliver long term value to our people, customers, shareholders and the communities we serve,
as well as society at large.





We believe it is important to deliver shared value to our stakeholders. Our bus and rail operations generate value for our people, communities and passengers. We provide high levels of service to our transport authority customers and are a reliable partner to our industry colleagues. We also make a strong contribution to the UK economy through the employment of 27,000 people, the taxes we pay, the revenue we generate for our suppliers and the contribution our rail franchises make to Government finances.

Our top-down and bottom-up approach ensures that we are a socially responsible company at all levels. We have Group forums on a range of sustainability areas including: health and safety, diversity and inclusion, and insurance and risk. In these forums, our operating companies discuss material issues on these topics and share best practice and insights. The culture of the organisation ensures that all activities, from day-to-day operations to high-level strategic decisions are performed in line with this sustainable approach. 

The Go-Ahead Group board of directors is ultimately responsible for sustainability. Our directors' remuneration is linked to performance against our strategic business objectives - including customer satisfaction - and bonuses are subject to clawback provisions.

This year we have started two processes that will ensure we stay relevant in the long term: a refresh for our company vision and values and a sustainability materiality review. Our new company vision helps employees from across the Group work towards a common purpose. Similarly, reviewing our material issues and KPIs in collaboration with key stakeholders ensures we have the relevant metrics across the business and long-term vision for those.