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Go-Ahead Apprenticeships

The Go-Ahead Group invests significantly in its people and is passionate about their development and growth within the company.  Apprenticeships are the foundation stone of Go-Ahead’s talent pipeline, supporting greater organisational capability and providing a sustainable workforce to support our expanding business.

Apprenticeships provide fantastic experience in parallel to developing relevant knowledge, skills and behaviour. The hands-on training is a chance to put skills into practice and helps individuals to gain more confidence, by combining work and study - mixing on-the-job training with classroom learning leading to a formal qualification. By the end of your apprenticeship, you will have gained the skills and knowledge required to succeed and position yourself to progress as opportunities arise within the business.

What you will learn depends on the role that you're training for. However, apprentices in every role follow an approved study programme, which means you will gain a nationally-recognised qualification at the end of your apprenticeship and, in some cases, other qualifications as well.

The duration of your apprenticeship will depend on several factors, such as your chosen discipline, the level of the apprenticeship, employer requirements and your individual learning needs.

As an apprentice you will:

  • work alongside experienced colleagues
  • gain job-specific skills
  • earn a salary
  • get time away from your everyday responsibilities to learn

As an employer provider, Go-Ahead plans to deliver and support apprenticeships across the Group as they form an important part of the company’s strategic aim to develop for the future of transport.

Whilst it is evident what capabilities, skills and jobs, apprentices are developing, creating a career path for the longer term is as much a priority for future success. At Go-Ahead, we continue to expand our range of apprenticeship programmes aligned to the skill needs of each business. Your apprenticeship will take you above and beyond, supporting your development through higher level qualifications and your own personal and professional aspirations.

The majority of our apprenticeships take between one and three years to complete depending on the level. Higher level apprenticeship programmes take a little longer.  


How to apply

Who can apply?

  • Aged 18 or over
  • You are required to be a citizen of the UK or European Economic Area (EEA), or have lived in the UK or EEA for the past 3 consecutive years
  • Not in full-time education or funded learning

Entry criteria

The criteria for entry onto apprenticeship programmes depends on your chosen discipline and the level of apprenticeship. Higher level programmes will require entry level GCSEs. For our level 2 programmes, you will be supported to achieve the required levels in maths and English if they do not hold qualifications in these subjects.

How is it structured? 

Depending on the programme, you will undertake training whilst completing a qualification. You will also have access to a huge amount of support from managers, programmes leads, peers and experts. A requirement for any apprenticeship is to spend at least 20% of your time learning away from normal duties of the role you are in, called off-the-job learning, so you will have plenty of time to gain skills and knowledge.

How do I access information about apprenticeships and how to apply?

We are always on the lookout for talented people, we welcome interest from the curious and the hard-working, but most of all from individuals looking to build an exciting career for themselves with Go-Ahead, the UK's largest transport business. For more information on apprenticeships click below:

Support network

At Go-Ahead we take care of our people and do everything we can to help them grow and develop.  Apprenticeships provide a great springboard to launch a career and an opportunity to fulfil an exciting career path. It gives people the opportunity to take their first step or indeed supports them to take a change in career. During the apprenticeship, there will be a strong support network in place to help you make the most of this opportunity providing support through academic learning.

Top five benefits of an apprenticeship opportunity include:

  • Earn while you learn
  • Train and develop new skills
  • Excellent opportunity for career progression
  • Increased future earning potential
  • Advanced apprenticeships lead the way

Your career path is in your hands, with support from Go-Ahead to ensure you gain the level of capability and competence to perform in your role and on a personal level you can achieve and work towards a career path for long term future success, so dream big and see what you can achieve!


Bus Driver Apprenticeship

A focus on our Bus Driver Apprenticeship programme:

Through investment in people, Go-Ahead London aims to lead the industry and fulfil its ambition of becoming a centre of excellence for bus driver training.

Go-Ahead London’s apprenticeship programme has a robust structure which incorporates core competencies and key requirements, which include benefits such as:

  • Enhanced customer service
  • Improved maths and English skills
  • Increased levels of performance
  • Improved driver retention
  • Reduction in accidents and incidents
  • Higher levels of employee engagement

Our apprenticeship programme is available for all ages; at present our youngest bus driver apprentice is 20 and our oldest is 65.

The opportunity to become an apprentice has been promoted through roadshows, open days, newspaper advertising, even on the back of our buses and, of course, on Go-Ahead London’s website.


Case Study

Bus Driver Apprentice Case Study – Kip Singh:

Kip Singh joined Go-Ahead London in December 2018 and was formerly an accountant. “Having trained as an accountant and worked in the city in the banking industry, I was looking for a completely new and different challenge. Whilst driving through London I saw a bus driver advert on the back of a bus, so I decided to apply which led to an interview.  A couple of friends had trained as bus drivers and I thought I would receive a similar experience to them - a few simple exams, practical training and then off you go to drive a bus, but I was so wrong!  I also thought I was too old to become an apprentice and soon learned it is open to any age”.

 “I started the programme just before Christmas when we initially had five days of classroom training to support us through the hazard perception and driving theory tests, amongst other key requirements. After passing these tests, I was allocated a driving instructor and spent time learning how to drive a bus to become a professional driver, coupled with the theory test, vehicle knowledge, customer care and so much more.  I finished the first stage of the professional driving apprenticeship course at the end of January and at the beginning of February commenced the second stage at Waterloo garage, supported by a mentor. The final stage of the apprenticeship programme will require further classroom training to complete relevant licences and on-going learning and development to be accomplished in my role”.

“The apprentices in the cohort I started with are pleased they are working with such a reputable company that provides great training and good prospects, much of this is down to the support we receive and the stringent training which develops our skills, knowledge and behaviour”.

“I feel we are better prepared than drivers who went through the traditional training route. Our programme is more rigorous, challenging and sets a very high standard. During training, my instructor said to me that as a professional driver, you need, seven hands, six legs, five arms, four eyes, three brains and two strong hearts. I laughed at the time, but only now do I realise how true that was!  As a professional driver, we must adapt what we do to suit all types of customer needs; from babies to the very elderly or less abled. Being mindful and vigilant of the various road and traffic conditions has certainly influenced the way I drive my car.  I now think so much more about potential hazards and plan to accommodate the different types of situations. Driving through the city there are always people stepping out in front of you, often on mobiles or looking the other way and if you are always not vigilant and aware, there could be dire consequences on and off the bus”.

“When I applied, I was a bit naïve about bus driver training, however, I have since gained a new-found level of admiration and respect for bus drivers and indeed the whole bus industry”.

“The complexities of managing a bus company are not too dissimilar to running a finely functioning bank or military operation, which involves everyone being in sync. The apprentice programme shows you how you fit into the bigger picture and how every action has a reaction and consequence, financially or otherwise to the company, public and yourself. It was interesting and very helpful to see how a bus being late or breaking down could ultimately lead to heavy fines, and how being on time increases overall performance and customer satisfaction”.

“When I first joined Go-Ahead, I thought I would try it for a few months and then attempt something else. That has since changed. The apprenticeship programme has made me feel part of something bigger and the experience so far has made me look at the industry and the people in the industry very differently”.

“I believe my future is bright and I look forward to the opportunity to progress. I’m aware that there are overseas opportunities in Singapore and Dublin, potentially incorporating my other skills in accounting and business in the wider Go-Ahead Group and I see a long future ahead of me.”