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Gender Pay Gap Report

Go-Ahead Group sets out initiatives to narrow gender pay gap

As a company committed to inclusion and diversity, the Go-Ahead Group is determined to address the pay gap between men and women working across its businesses. The company has established an action plan to improve gender balance at all levels, which will be monitored closely by senior executives.

Across the last three years, the number of women in leadership and management roles in our UK bus workforce has increased from 13 – 15.4%. The number of women in our UK rail workforce has increased to 17.3%, which is higher than the industry wide average.

Go-Ahead operates in the transport industry which has historically had a high proportion of male employees – an imbalance which is particularly the case among the majority of its workforce which are drivers. The company recognises that improving diversity in its workforce is not only the right thing to do, it is crucial to improving customers’ experience.

Go-Ahead Group’s operations are divided into bus and rail. Key statistics for each division are as follows:


  •  Median pay for men is 18.5% higher than that of women, similar to the national average of 18.4%. Mean pay for men is 18.1% higher than that of women
  •  Median bonus pay for men is 24.3% higher than that of women. However, the mean bonus pay gap is -4.4%, meaning the average bonus received by women is higher than the average bonus payment received by men.
  • A higher proportion of women than men receive a bonus. Among men, 22.4% receive a bonus, versus 29.8% of female employees


  • Median pay for men is 3.8% higher than that of women, a gap well below the national average. Mean pay for men is 4.6% higher than that of women.
  • Median bonus pay is 14.5% higher for men, while mean bonus pay for men is 7.9% higher than that of women
  • Among male employees, 39% receive a bonus. Among female employees, the proportion receiving a bonus is 31.5%

David Brown, Chief Executive of Go-Ahead Group, said: “Go-Ahead supports the fair treatment and reward of all employees, irrespective of gender, and although our gender pay gap is better than the national average in a number of areas – we still have a gap and it is our ambition to narrow that gap.

“We are fundamentally reshaping the way we attract and recruit our workforce in a way that meets future skill needs and increases our diversity to reflect the communities we serve.”

The higher gender pay gap imbalance in rail can, to a large extent, be explained by the high number of male train drivers within Go-Ahead’s two UK businesses – Govia Thameslink Railway and Southeastern. We have pledged to attract 40% of train driver applications from females by 2021 to address this imbalance.

Initiatives include mentoring and learning programmes, with specific training in gender inclusivity.

Flexible working policies and shared parental leave have been introduced. Over the last two years, Go-Ahead has begun implementing a culture change programme, intended to improve communication between leadership teams and customer-facing employees with a view to building an open and agile environment.

Go-Ahead Group has changed the imagery used in recruitment campaigns to reflect the improving diversity both of its business and of the communities it serves, and specific recruitment initiatives have been introduced to target female graduates.

In the future, Go-Ahead intends to introduce purpose-driven, development-focused career conversations alongside succession plans. Mentoring and development programmes are to be provided for women managers and executives, and unconscious bias training is to be made mandatory for all managers.

Improving gender balance has been established as a key priority across Go-Ahead Group. Making sure equality is at the heart of our organisational culture is a key part of our action plan.

Go-Ahead Group’s full report on gender pay can be found below:

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