Applications for the 2022 scheme have closed.  We will open applications for the 2023 scheme in Autumn 2022. 

Come join the Go-Ahead Group, where you can make a real impact on our colleagues, passengers and the communities we serve. Through our varied placements, graduates can develop management skills, learn in a diverse and innovative environment, and be part of an industry that puts people first.

We run three types of scheme: bus, rail and engineering, listed below. All roles offer a variety of placements and rotations over 18 months to two years.

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Our bus graduate scheme helps you learn all aspects of operation management, while making decisions that impact millions of passengers' journeys. You'll get stuck into the role and even gain a PCV license.

Placements can include:

  • Gaining people management skills
  • Learning how to optimise bus route efficiencies in the scheduling department
  • Experiencing key back office roles, from HR and Safety to Commercial and Accident Investigation


It's never a dull day in the railway. Our rail graduate scheme offers all you numerous skills to develop your career, whether you're focused on people or project management.

Placements can include:

  • Learning to manage some of the UK's largest and busiest stations
  • Working behind the scenes on key projects
  • Gaining critical safety and customer service skills 
Tim Griffen Engineering Graduate using laptop to inspect bus (4).jpg


Suited to graduates who aspire to gain Incorporated or Chartered status, our engineering graduate scheme allows you to gain responsibility by managing teams and dealing with operational challenges.

Placements can include:

  • Workshop environments (vehicle inspections, identifying defects)
  • MOT preparation and testing
  • Document and operational management 

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Graduate videos

See what the Go-Ahead Graduate Scheme has to offer you, and find out from current and previous Go-Ahead graduates what they've been up to since joining us.

Apply for the 2022 Graduate Scheme and be part of the future of transport.

Find out about the Engineering scheme - directly from our Engineering Graduates

Hear about the rail graduate scheme from former and current grads.

What's our bus graduate scheme like? Find out from former graduates.

A day in the life of a Rail Management Graduate at Go-Ahead

A day in the life of a Bus Management Graduate at Go-Ahead

How our application process works

1. Do your research

Find out everything you can about us to stand out. Look beyond our website - travel on our networks if you can, follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, read stories in our media newsroom and brush up on the transport sector and our competitors.

2. Submit your application online

Your application is our introduction to you. We ask you to provide tailored response to questions. We advise you use the 'STAR' method to structure your responses - discussing a situation, the task (what you had to do), action (what you did) and the result. 

3. Online assessments

You will need to do a combination of verbal and numerical tasks. There will be some practice questions beforehand so that you can become accustomed to what they will be like.

4. Interviews

Interviews can be a little daunting at first but with the right practice and preparation you’ll feel more confident, allowing you to present your best self. Make sure you practice with your friends and family. Use plenty of examples in your answers.

4. Assessment centres

Once you're past the interviews, we will invite you to come and see us at one of our assessment centres. It's a chance for you to meet us and demonstrate a wider range of skills through a combination of tasks and activities.

5. Final Interview

This is when you will be meeting the leaders of the business you will be working at, so it’s vital you make a good impression! How? The more you know about their business (even what happened yesterday), the better.

Graduate Competencies

We have identified four core skills that Go-Ahead graduates need to succeed in the recruitment process, on our graduate scheme and beyond.

adAsset 9.png

Customer Champion

Showing empathy and understanding for all of our  customer’s needs. Helping to shape useful and effective solutions and strategies for 
all customers.

adAsset 7.png

Effective Communicator

An ability to communicate with colleagues and passengers alike, with excellent verbal, written and interpersonal skills.

adAsset 9.png

Ideas Generator

Being a forward-thinking person who has innovative ideas that will drive Go-Ahead forwards.

adAsset 8.png

Trust Builder

By building relationships with others and treating people with respect and dignity.


Yes. You should have the unrestricted right to work in the UK & Ireland in order to apply. 

The Go-Ahead Group is not a licensed sponsor and is therefore unable to offer sponsorship. You can find more information about companies that do offer sponsorship on the government website.

Although in Ireland graduates are able to work for up to two years without sponsorship on a graduate programme, we require individuals to be able to work beyond this period.

For the bus and rail scheme: No. Our current and former graduates have studied varied subjects at University, such as Business Studies, Geography and Drama. We're more interested in you and a willingness to learn. 

For the engineering scheme: Yes. We require a minimum 2:2 grade in mechanical or electrical/electronic engineering.

No. For us, it doesn't matter when you completed your degree - just that you have one. We have even taken on graduates who have had 20 years' experience in other industries. 

We will support you as best as we possibly can through the application process. We are an inclusive employer and welcome applications from all backgrounds. If you have a disability, mental health condition or additional needs let us know so we can make adjustments for you.

You can contact the Recruitment Team at for any matters relating to the recruitment process. If you would like to know more about Go-Ahead in general contact 

It's normal to be nervous - focus on what you are saying rather than observing your interviewers' eye contact or body language. Make sure you practice with friends and family so you are used to hearing your own voice and building the confidence to smoothly deliver your answers.

We're not taking applications right now but when we open our 2022 intake, our team will be scanning applications on a regular basis and we aim to get back to applicants within two weeks. It may take us a little longer over busy periods or bank holidays.

Unfortunately, due to the number of applicants during the initial stages, we are unable to give everyone personal feedback. We will try our best to give you an idea of how you could better perform next time, but this may be generic rather than individual. During the later stages, however, we do aim to offer every candidate personalised feedback if possible.

Yes, you can claim back any travel costs that involve public transport. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund you mileage expenses as we believe it is better for the environment to take public transport. There also may be a situation where it’s best for you to get accommodation due to an early start, please do get in touch if this is the case and we will confirm if this is okay. For more information, please take a look at the expenses policy document.