Ranvir - Go-Ahead bus graduate

Ranvir was studying Business Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University when he applied for the Go-Ahead graduate scheme. He worked across Go-Ahead London, in many different roles, before he rolled off the scheme in Summer 2020.

Ranvir says: 

Ranvir inspection (2).jpg“I used to work at a small, family bus company in the West Midlands where I used to work in the control room and after my degree I wanted to move to a company that was much bigger and would have a lot more opportunity.

Although I had had experience in transport, everyone is really supportive and inclusive and they know you’re here to learn. 

I did many roles on my graduate scheme, including working in the training centre, driving a bus, working in the control room, assisting in the accident prevention department and managing bus drivers. I've worked as an Assistant Operating Manager and interviewed drivers, investigated public complaints and did probation interviews.

Go-Ahead is such an exciting company to work for: I’ve seen numerous innovations in my time at Go-Ahead London, such as Northumberland Park bus garage, where they are actually feeding back electricity into the national grid.    

I’m sure once the scheme is over my learning and development won’t stop. My confidence and my communication skills have improved so much.”