Our approach to good governance is an integral part of our culture, setting the standard on how we run our business.

The Board is responsible for maintaining a strong and effective system of governance throughout the Group and are collectively responsible for creating and delivering long term sustainable value for the business.

Governance at Go-Ahead


Our governance framework underpins our culture and values, with the Board committed to leading by example. It establishes a clear division of responsibilities and supports the development of good governance practices throughout the Group. 

Governance framework  


The Board has established nomination, audit and remuneration committees which constitute an important element of the governance process. The responsibilities of each committee are determined by its terms of reference, which are reviewed annually.

Board committees


The Board mandate was adopted by the Board to help articulate its purpose and accountabilities in delivering the Group’s strategy. The mandate is an important reference point in Board deliberations, decision making, supporting Board effectiveness, reviews and the induction of new Board members.

Board Mandate

Key responsibilities for the board

  • Strategy development and objectives
  • Corporate planning and key performance indicators
  • Health and safety
  • Stakeholder and workforce engagement
  • Contracts, bids and acquisitions
  • Risk management and appetite
  • Board development and effectiveness
  • Governance and regulatory compliance
  • Culture and values

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Further details of the Board’s responsibilities, and the matters which are reserved for the decision of the Board, are set out in the schedule of matters reserved for the Board.