Go-Ahead enters the German rail market

The Go-Ahead Group is pleased to announce it will enter the German rail market, having been awarded Netz 1 _ Lot 2 and Lot 3 of the Baden-Wurttemberg rail network.

The contracts, commencing in June 2019 and running until 2032, are expected to generate combined revenues of around €1.6bn over the life of the contracts. Operating company Go-Ahead Verkehrsgesellschaft Deutschland GmbH will run approximately 3.7 million train kilometres each year for Lot 2 and 4.4 million train kilometres each year for Lot 3.

Go-Ahead Chief Executive, David Brown, said:

“We have 18 years’ experience providing passenger rail services in UK rail operating on busy and complex networks and we are pleased to be able to bring our expertise in the German rail market.”

There is now a standstill period of 10 days before the final contract conclusion.


For further information, please contact:

The Go-Ahead Group
Sarah Boundy,
Group Corporate Communications Director
+44 (0) 7808 568 667

Peter Russell,
Interim Head of Investor Relations
+44 (0) 7775 420 996

Erik Bethkenhagen (for German speaking enquiries)
+49 (0) 2261 703579


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