The Go-Ahead group uses cloud-based system to improve engineering operations

Go-Ahead is using cloud collaboration services to improve productivity in its bus and train companies' engineering departments. Engineering employees can access the most up to date technical information they need to repair and maintain fleets of trains and buses any time day or night.

Go-Ahead, which will announce its full year results on Thursday 04 September, is using Huddle to enable staff to securely access information from anywhere using tablet devices. Employees have access to 'how to' videos about maintaining and checking vehicle components, web tutorials, as well as manufacturer handbooks and technical bulletins.

With thousands of bus and rail component parts, technical documents are updated regularly in paper handbooks and folders. But with a paper-based system, it can be difficult to maintain version control and be sure that the latest documents are available – the folders can also be misplaced. More recently most engineering depots have been digitised, but technical documents still need to be accessed from a desktop computer in a supervisor's office.

Keeping people moving

The company needs to be able to respond quickly and get buses back on the road or trains out of the depots, as it's inefficient to have vehicles out of passenger service.
Enrique Fernandez, IT and strategy director at Go-Ahead, explained:

"With Huddle on tablets, our engineers have all the latest maintenance information at their fingertips so they can rapidly respond to issues and get a bus back on the road or a train out of the depot as quickly as possible. This is vital for Go-Ahead as it's inefficient to have vehicles – beyond those undergoing planned overhaul and maintenance – out of action. Not least because it impacts on customer satisfaction with overcrowded buses and train carriages.

"Huddle has transformed the way our engineers work, shifting people to a paperless environment that improves safety compliance and ensures everyone is working from the most up-to-date documents available."

Always accessible

While the majority of vehicle repair and maintenance is scheduled and planned to take place at depots there are occasions when things go wrong and engineers have to repair a vehicle in situ. Additionally, sometimes engineers are able to talk drivers through repairs without the need to send out specialist help.

Huddle senior product manager, James Pipe explains:

"Huddle always keeps everything up to date with the latest version. So, the information on Huddle is constantly updated using mobile, on-line and off-line connectivity. The i-Pad can also be used to take photographs which can immediately be shared with colleagues in another office or at another remote location."

Go-Ahead chose the Huddle collaboration tool because of its strong audit trail feature and its intelligent recommendation engine which ensures that all files relevant to your company or project across the Huddle workspaces are automatically delivered to engineers' iPads or iPhones.


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