Go-Ahead Re-certified with Carbon Trust Standard Triple

Go-Ahead has been awarded triple re-certification of the Carbon Trust Standard for carbon, water and waste reduction. This independently recognises continuing positive progress since 2014, when the organisation became the first UK public transport group to receive certification for its achievements in carbon, water and waste reduction.

This certification is the direct result of a number of sustainability initiatives implemented across the Group, such as the Group’s successful ‘Driving Energy Further’ campaign, delivered in partnership with the Carbon Trust.

Go-Ahead has been able to demonstrate good progress in reducing carbon emissions across depots, offices and workplace sites thanks to reducing energy consumption by investing in LED lighting systems and installing smart gas and electricity meters. The company also encourages its 29,000 colleagues to take simple steps to control energy use by switching off unnecessary lights, electrical equipment and heating.

Another strong contributing factor in reducing carbon emissions has been the investment in new ‘greener’ buses. Over the years, Go-Ahead has continually invested in maintaining a young, green fleet. The average age of Go-Ahead’s buses is one of the lowest in the sector at 7.3 years. The Group also has the first all-electric large depot in the UK and operates over 1,641 alternative fuel buses.

David Brown, Go-Ahead’s Group Chief Executive said:

“This is an area the company takes seriously - firstly because it’s the right thing to do but we also believe that our approach can give us a competitive advantage as well as saving costs and minimising our impact on the environment.

“As a public transport provider we have a responsibility to tackle climate change and we offer a more sustainable way of transport than cars and taxis. More people travelling by public transport means less congestion on the roads, lower CO2 emissions and better air quality.”

Tom Delay, Chief Executive of the Carbon Trust, added:

“It takes continuous effort and good management to achieve ongoing reductions in environmental impacts. By obtaining triple re-certification to the Carbon Trust Standard, The Go-Ahead Group has yet again proved that its ongoing commitment to sustainability and the investments made into improving performance are delivering real results. We would like to congratulate everyone across the business that has contributed to this achievement.”

Go-Ahead target is to reduce its carbon emissions per passenger journey by 10% by 2018. This is challenging target as the Group has already made significant improvements in this area. Carbon emissions per passenger journey have been reduced 16.11% on a like-for-like basis from the original 2007/08 baseline.

Waste performance improvement has been driven by increased the rate of recycling. Virtually all vehicle maintenance waste is recycled across the Group. To improve water performance, there has been a roll out of over 300 smart meters across the Group, to enable fast identification of problems and repairs.

Find out more about Go-Ahead initiatives towards reducing carbon, water and waste reduction on http://go-ahead.com/sustainability  

Notes to editors

Some of the Group’s achievements in carbon, water and waste areas include:

Carbon emissions

  • Introducing more energy efficient rolling stock within the rail division and rolling out on-train metering to ensure that consumption is accurately measured and billed
  • GTR has pioneered the use of the data from on-train metering to diagnose faults, benchmark energy performance of routes and identify further opportunities to improve efficiency
  • Go-Ahead London has the first all-electric depot in London (Waterloo) operating two routes on all electric buses
  • Rolling out LED lighting across both bus and rail estates


  • Performance improvements driven by increased recycling rate. Virtually all vehicle maintenance wastes have been recycled across the Group for years
  • Introduction of ‘dry mixed recycling’ across the Group, especially in the rail division, which has led to significant increase in the proportion of general waste that is recycled
  • Pioneering work with retail outlets at Brighton and East Croydon stations to reduce food waste going into general waste as part of GTR's 'Zero to Landfill' initiative


  • Roll out of over 300 smart meters across the Group, enabling fast identification of problems and repairs
  • Continuing roll out of water recycling equipment on bus washes, fitted to almost all drive-through bus washes across the Group
  • Installation of recycling equipment on carriage washer at Brighton