Go-Ahead supports 'Catch the Bus Week'

Go-Ahead’s bus operating companies are supporting Greener Journey’s national ‘catch the bus week’ encouraging people to use their local bus network.  

Now in its third year, the week is a national celebration of the benefits of taking the bus. Between 29 June and 5 July Go-Ahead companies will be hosting a range of activities aimed at getting people to leave their cars behind and use buses instead.

Go-Ahead’s group marketing director, Katy Taylor, explained:

“There will be events, ticket giveaways and lots of fun activities taking place across all our bus companies. We’re promoting the week in collaboration with local radio stations and local councils, at shopping centres, and schools and colleges. We expect social media will continue to play an even stronger role in getting our message out there with online activities to win free travel and mobile-tickets promotion offers as well as Twitter and Facebook competitions and games.”

The more serious message behind the fun activity throughout ‘catch the bus week’ is that Britain’s buses play an important, but often overlooked, role in our society.

Underpinning society

For many the bus is a vital lifeline providing affordable, accessible transport. 48% of the lowest income group do not have access to a car and young people particularly are dependent on bus services more than any other group. More than half of 16 to 19 year olds are regular bus users.

Supporting the economy

Almost 25 million people all over Britain travel to work by bus and a million more use it as a vital back-up. Bus users also support the economy by making 1.4 billion shopping trips and spending an estimated £27 billion on retail goods every year.

Environmentally responsible

Congestion costs the UK economy at least £11 billion each year. If everyone switched just one car journey a month to bus that would be one billion fewer car journeys on our roads, and a saving of two million tonnes of C02.


For further information, please contact:

The Go-Ahead Group
Sarah Boundy, Group Corporate Communications Director
07808 568 667


Go-Ahead is a leading UK public transport operator, providing high quality services in the bus and rail sectors. Employing around 26,000 people acorss the country, over one billion passenger journeys are undertaken on our services each year. We are committed to operating our companies in a safe, socially and environmentally responsible way and are proud to have been accredited with triple Carbon Trust Standard for reductions in carbon, water and waste. In addition to the travelling public, or customers include the Department for Transport, Transport for London (TfL) and local authorities.