Gender pay gap reporting

Go-Ahead is determined to narrow the pay gap between men and women working across its businesses.

We support the fair treatment and reward of all employees, regardless of gender, not only because it’s the right thing to do but also because it is fundamental to performing successfully as a company.

Transport has historically been a male-dominated industry, which skews the balance of pay. In particular, driving roles and engineering positions have traditionally tended to be male-dominated and we have put specific programmes in place to change this.

We are fundamentally reshaping the way in which we recruit and retain employees to address future skill needs and to reflect the communities we serve. Change can be driven both from the bottom and from the top, and we are pleased that Go-Ahead is one of the first FTSE250 companies to have a gender balanced board of directors, with four men and four women.

Key talking points to emphasise on bus and rail are as follows:


  • Our median pay gap in the UK bus business is 7.5%, which is substantially lower than the UK average of 17.9%
  • Women account for 21.3% of all leadership positions in our UK bus business, up from 7% in 2015, and 18.6% of all management positions, up from 14% in 2015
  • Only one in ten bus drivers across the group are women, and only 1 in 20 engineers in the business are women – proportions which skew the figures and which we are determined to address
  • Go-Ahead has set targets to improve the representation of women in its bus workforce – including a specific target to increase women entering the group’s new bus training academy


  • Our median pay gap in UK rail is 20.1%, marginally higher than the UK average of 17.9%
  • A third of UK rail employees are train drivers, which is a traditionally male-dominated role. We are taking an industry lead on changing this:
  • Target of 40% applicants for train driver jobs by 2021
  • Number of women train drivers up by 17.5% since 2017
  • Recruitment Open Days specifically aimed at women
  • Partnership with WorkingMums, a leading employment website to attract applicants
  • Media campaign including an appearance on Womens’ Hour to encourage more women to apply to be train drivers
  • The gap has widened slightly because of historic factors – a “pay for productivity” deal and bonus payments have affected the numbers
  • “Get into Railways” programme encouraging female applicants into the workplace

Go-Ahead Group’s full report on gender pay can be found below: