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Designed to quickly accelerate your career to a specific senior management role, the Go-Ahead graduate programme will give you responsibility for people, customers, reputation, safety, revenue and assets. 

Within two years we expect you to be accelerated into key management roles; highly qualified/certified, on track to be earning £35,000 to £40,000pa, managing hundreds of people and millions of pounds of budget and assets.

If that is the kind of opportunity you are looking for, and you are ready to roll your sleeves up and work hard for it, then you are exactly the kind of person we are looking for. 

At Go-Ahead, there are three different graduate programmes for future employees to choose from. 

The bus graduate programme is desgined to fully prepare you for an assistant operations manager role within one of our bus operating companies.

The rail graduate programme will ready you for a role as a station manager, train crew manager or equivalent within one of our train operating companies.

The engineering graduate programme is for those with a previous university degree in mechanical, electrical or electronic engineering. This programme will prepare you for a role as an engineering manager or supervisor role working at group level alongside our operating companies.

Each development programme consists of job rotations around the business/s over 18-24 months.

The rotations allow you to move between locations to experience different parts of the business. The final phase will involve placement which will prepare you for your first permanent role.

The programmes are intensive and you will learn both on and off the job. Critically, you will be driving most of your own personal development. You will be fully supported throughout the scheme with a programme manager, local line manager and mentor, who are all there to guide your development. You will also be part of a gradute committee where you can interact and learn from your peers.

Operations Graduate, Oxford Bus: Lucy Arnold

After completing a History degree at the University of Westminster, Lucy joined the Go-Ahead Group in September 2017 as an Operations Graduate.

Lucy says:

Travelling through London and riding the bus on a regular basis made me think about how daily life for so many people is shaped by public transport.  I realised I had a real interest in transport and wanted to understand how the systems worked and who the teams were that made it happen. 

Go-Ahead’s graduate scheme outlined a programme of progression in bus company management that I could explore as a young person embarking on my career. 

My core department is operations and I have been surprised by how quickly you can learn and progress within it.  It is important to get involved right from the beginning as the opportunity is there to make the programme what you want it to be and shape the particular career path you would like to follow.  By the second year, I will be in a position dealing with people management, route management and being accountable for those functions.

Lucy bus graduate image.JPG

My first year of training has involved working in every area of the business and understanding each departments’ contribution to the bus service we offer.  Alongside this, I have had the chance to assist in the introduction of a Demand Responsive Transport Service.  This has been a unique opportunity whereby I have learned various skills in Project Management, as well as understanding what it takes to launch a new service.  Go-Ahead has put so much time into the training programme, ensuring that each graduate can benefit from a flexible framework.

The role of a graduate is a challenging one. It is important to acknowledge the vast history within the transport industry, and just how passionate people are about what they do. Some of my colleagues have been in their jobs for decades and it has enhanced my respect for their achievements. Whilst respecting these, it is also important that we build on them, through developing our service to meet the changing demands of the customer.  The graduate programme has provided me with an opportunity to tackle this exciting challenge whilst meeting a really diverse group of people involved in the bus industry.

I would definitely recommend this as a career for women. Go-Ahead is an organisation which values inclusion and diversity in the workplace, through offering a culture where women can achieve and join what has previously been a primarily male dominated industry. I have been a part of the Diversity Focus Group since I joined the company, looking at what diversity means to everyone, the concerns people have, and how to achieve diversity in all forms. I was pleasantly surprised to find how many females there were in the industry.