Engineering Manager, Go North East: Emilia

After completing her degree, Emilia started at Go-Ahead Group.

Emilia says:

"Originally from Poland, I came to UK in 2004 to visit my brother. In no time at all, I fell in love in Britain, the people and their culture. A new found freedom allowed me to encounter a whole range of new and exciting career opportunities which I would never have been able to experience in my homeland.

My passion for engineering and mechanics began whilst working for the Electro Mechanical Service company. Shortly afterwards I was able to settle down and start a family. Due to the long commute between my new home and existing job I decided to look for a new beginning elsewhere and that is where my journey with Go North East began. I was initially appointed Depot Engineering Storekeeper and from that moment I haven’t looked back.

From day one as my vision of a better working environment was acted upon and through sheer hard work and determination changes were implemented for the better. Not only did it develop my leadership skills, so too did it help to generate a terrific team spirit throughout the stores. In 2017 the job opening opportunity arises and I become an GNE Engineering Stores Coordinator and later GNE Engineering Stores Manager. This position gave me even more possibilities to along with the GNE storekeepers continue our great work and succeeded in transforming the stores into a well ordered, cleaner, safer and ultimately happier place to be. Through implementing change for the better we have become more efficient when it comes to getting things done which has led to an increased productivity which has only inspired me to find new ways to strive for bigger and better things.

The challenges on offer constantly inspires my own personal ambition to do better for the company and in doing so I strive to make sure that every working day is a happier and more fulfilling one. Today is as exciting as the day I started so not only do I love what I do, I get the kind of job satisfaction that I have never experienced anywhere else. The inspired confidence and commitment in getting results has led to a respect from my dedicated and hardworking colleagues. It has allowed for a big boost in performance levels, resulting in greater efficiency in terms of teamwork and the ability to save money yet not at the expense of a quality service.

Having received nothing but support from my management and colleagues, we have transformed our working environment for the better. I will always set my sights as high as can be by striving for perfection on a daily basis. Go North East is the way ahead and if we can encourage more and more females along the way then they, like me, will never want to work anywhere else."