Go-Ahead London's apprentice training academy

Apprenticeships are integral for employee retention, upskilling our work force and improving colleague diversity. 

In March 2019 our bus company Go-Ahead London opened a state-of-the-art training academy for apprentices in Camberwell to help recruit and train the next generation of London bus drivers.


The Camberwell Academy offers a wide variety of apprentice programmes, notably in bus driving. We are the only transport provider of bus driving apprenticeships in the UK. Apprentices receive essential training and life skills beyond becoming a driver and are supported by two certified examiners on-site.

_SJH2945.jpgGo-Ahead London aims to recruit 400 apprentices in 2020

The academy is also used by Go-Ahead London to deliver technical and academic apprenticeships in-house, with training taking between 12 and 36 months. Apprenticeships range from traditional engineering and technical programmes to customer service and business administration.

Reflecting Go-Ahead’s commitment to championing diversity, two-thirds of Go-Ahead London’s current apprentices come from a BAME background, while one in five are women. The ages of the apprentices range from 18 to 65. This means we are on our way to having a workforce that represents the diversity of the communities we serve.

The Camberwell Academy demonstrates Go-Ahead’s continued investment into apprenticeships – helping to build and develop talent within our operating companies and empower our workforce to grow.