Camera wing mirror technology

Camera wing mirrors are an innovative solution that make bus journeys even safer. 

Technology adopted by our bus companies in London, Brighton and Yorkshire helps protect customers and drivers.

007 reflecting on no reflections2.jpgThe monitors offer the driver a normal mirror-view in the top half and a wide-angle view in the lower half. This added peripheral view allows drivers to spot potential hazards – such as bicycles - coming down the side of the vehicle much easier.

Camera technology also means that drivers do not have to worry about rain drops or dirt on the lens or reflection and glare from the sun. Driving at night or in the rain also becomes easier as the cameras adjust to the changing light conditions.

Meanwhile, the cameras are also not affected by frost or ice because they have their own heating mechanisms.

Cameras have been installed on more than 186 Go-Ahead London vehicles, 54 Brighton & Hove buses (their extended-range hybrid bus fleet) and eight East Yorkshire buses.

Traditional wing mirrors were first added to buses in 1921 - 100 years ago. It's important we look at new solutions to enhance passenger journeys. 

 We have chosen five of the United Nation's Sustainable  Development Goals as our areas of focus. Our camera wing mirror technology shows our commitment to UN climate goal 11
Sustainable Cities and Communities) and how we're helping to make urban areas safer.