Camera wing mirror technology

We are continuing to trial safer working with innovative transport solutions.

Our bus companies Go-Ahead London, Brighton & Hove and East Yorkshire have implemented camera technology onto buses to replace standard wing mirrors.

Cameras have currently been installed across Go-Ahead London's 130 vehicles, as well as Brighton & Hove buses’ fleet of 30 electric buses. This was the largest order to date of a mirrorless camera monitoring system being commercially used in the UK.

007 reflecting on no reflections2.jpgThe wing mirrors have instead been replaced with monitors, which offers the driver a normal mirror-view in the top half and a wide-angle view in the lower half. The peripheral view and the clarity of the picture on the monitors is far better than normal mirrors, so bus drivers can spot potential hazards – such as bicycles - coming down the side of the vehicle much easier.

Camera technology means that drivers will no longer have to worry about reflection or glare from the sun on their wing mirrors, while driving and night or in the rain becomes easier as the cameras will adjust to the changing light conditions.

In addition, the cameras help to provide a safer working environment in numerous weather conditions. The software removes distortion from rain drops or dirt on the lens. The cameras are also not affected by frost or ice because they have their own heating mechanism to stop this from happening.

Camera technology represents a large departure from standard wing mirrors, which were first added to vehicles in 1921 – 100 years ago. Our innovation into new technology is helping drivers to be safer.

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