Helping Hands scheme - Brighton & Hove Buses

We want to ensure that the travel experience is as accessible as possible for people with hidden and physical disabilities. 9b. Helping Hand for Drivers and Customers - Please lower the ramp B.jpg

Brighton & Hove Buses and Metrobus run a “helping hands” scheme. Customers can apply for a yellow card with a brief written instruction that they can show the driver when they board the bus. The driver is therefore immediately made aware of the customer's needs or requirements without the customer having to verbally communicate it.

Supported by other bus operators in Brighton, the card was designed with the support from numerous local charities. It was introduced following feedback from passengers of similar schemes in other areas of the UK. Examples of the cards include “Please face me, I lip read”, “I have epilepsy” and “Pushchair can’t be folded” – helpful for customers who have extra special requirements such as a pushchair with oxygen. Cards such as “Please call out my stop” alerts the bus driver that visually-impaired passengers may need help if the bus does not have audio or visual announcements.

9a. Helping Hand for Drivers and Customers - Please call out my stop A.jpgThe reverse of the card can display, if required, the customer's name and emergency contact number. This is especially relevant for customers living with epilepsy, Alzheimer's or dementia. Brighton & Hove consulted many people on rolling out the scheme. This emergency number section was actually suggested by employee who has autism.

Everyone is entitled to travel, and we want to make sure it is as easy as possible for people who have difficulties.