Investment in environmentally-friendly buses

Decarbonising our fleet is a critical part of our climate change strategy. Our goal is to run a zero-emission bus fleet by 2035.

We are the largest provider of electric buses in the UK and will launch a fleet of hydrogen-powered buses in Crawley in summer 2022.

We operate almost 300 electric buses in London, Oxford, Salisbury and Newcastle. Go North East's 'Voltra' fleet was the first fully electric bus fleet in the North of England. Meanwhile, Go-Ahead London's Northumberland Park electric bus garage is the largest in Europe. 

In summer 2022 we will see our first fleet of hydrogen buses for Metrobus. These 20 buses will operate on the 'fastway' routes in the Crawley, Redhill and Gatwick Airport area. 

Over the past decade we have been continually upgrading, replacing and retro-fitting our bus fleet. This includes upgrading to Euro VI engines (which produce 95% less nitrogen oxides than Euro V), making investments in electric buses, and considering other sustainable options, such as hybrid buses. 

Enviro 400 i360 1.jpegBrighton & Hove Buses' fleet of 54 extended-range double decker buses are 'geo-fenced', which means they can switch to zero emission automatically as they enter the city's Ultra Low Emission Zone. There is a small Euro VI diesel engine onboard to recharge the batteries and keep the vehicles on the road for longer without recharging. 

 As a responsible business, we must keep looking towards securing the future so that transport is part of the solution to combatting climate change.

SDG - Climate Action - 13.jpgWe have chosen five of the United Nation's Sustainable  Development Goals as our areas of focus. Our investment in environmentally friendlier buses shows our commitment to Goal 13 (Climate Action) and ensuring that public transport is helping to be part of the solution to combat climate change.