Investment in environmentally-friendly buses

As part of our initiative to reduce any negative impact on the environment, buses must be part of the solution for tackling congestion and poor air quality.

We are the largest operator of electric buses in the UK, with more than 200 in service.

We have been fitting our buses with environmentally-friendly engines and commissioning vehicles that are more sustainable – including more electric buses and bus garages. We have also made investments in Euro VI buses, which produce 95% less Nitrogen Oxide emissions than a bus with a Euro V Engine. 

Investment in buses

Our goal is to have a zero-emission bus fleet by 2035

Go North East launched its first fleet of fully electric buses in 2020. It has also made a £12 million investment in 54 high-specification, environmentally-friendly buses to add to their 170 low-emission buses that have joined the fleet. 

Enviro 400 i360 1.jpegIn September 2019, Brighton & Hove Buses introduced the UK's first extended-range double decker bus that is powered by electricity. Each bus has a small Euro VI diesel engine onboard to recharge the batteries. However, the diesel engine is geo-fenced, which means that the engine can’t be used when travelling through Brighton’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) – relying on electric power only.   

We are also in talks for what has the potential to be the largest order of hydrogen buses in Europe. 

As a responsible business, we must keep looking towards securing the future so that transport is part of the solution to combatting climate change.

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