Managing our waste

As a global company with over 28,000 employees, Go-Ahead recognises the importance large businesses must play in terms of safeguarding our future and looking after the environment.

We must work responsibly as a large business and work to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce waste and prevent pollution.

Every local operating company also works within their local communities to make a difference to helping the environment. Morebus, part of Go South Coast, teamed up with local volunteer group, Litter-free Purbeck to help reduce coastal, urban and rural litter. 

3.5m  daily visitors

to Purbeck in Dorset - causes significant damage and littering

The Purbeck peninsula in Dorset, England, receives more than 3.5 million daily visitors, but with that brings significant damage to the environment, and lots of litter.  Morebus decorated its Purbeck Breezer buses with stickers and some services carried bins on board to encourage passengers to dispose of their rubbish when travelling. 

Our aim is to lead the way as a responsible business, embedding a culture where we work together to reduce our waste and carbon footprint and improve the communities we serve.