Sustainable Procurement Charter

Go-Ahead was the first company in the transport sector to create a benchmark for our supply chains with the 2019 publication of our Sustainable Procurement Charter.

Designed to align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, the charter mandates that the suppliers we work with are required to meet standards of sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

Procurement charterSpecific measures in our charter mean that we will not work with suppliers who use methods such as zero-hour contracts or unpaid work and internships. We also require our suppliers to declare what percentage of their workforce comes from under-represented groups and to disclose their gender pay gaps – with an action plan to target any gap.

Go-Ahead Head Office hosts an award ceremony for our suppliers every other year to champion the companies who are working towards becoming more sustainable.

We operate with the ISO 20400:2017 standard on sustainable procurement, which includes accountability, transparency, respect for human rights and ethical behaviour. We ensure that our suppliers are upholding the same values as us. 

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goal:
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