Go-Ahead Singapore's energy saving scheme

Buses must be part of the solution for combatting climate change and poor air quality.

We are continually looking for ways to reduce exhaust fumes and fuel wastage. Go-Ahead Singapore introduced a system called SwitchOff to its buses, which automatically turns off an engine that has been idle for more than five minutes.

More than 200 double-decker buses across Go-Ahead Singapore have been fitted with the feature, which has proven to ensure that engines operate at their optimal efficiency and conserve precious resources, with improved fuel consumption as a direct result. It is essential that no fuel is needlessly wasted, and no pollution is created from vehicle engines being unnecessarily left on.

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Idling performance is also monitored regularly through a system called GreenRoad. This tool moniors driving style to detect manoeuvre types, such as braking, accelerating and swerving, and provides tips and guidance to Bus Captains to improve individual driving performance in terms of safety and the environment.  With better informed bus drivers, Go-Ahead Singapore has seen safer and more fuel-efficient journeys being delivered.

SDG - Climate Action - 13.jpgWe have chosen five of the United Nation's Sustainable  Development Goals as our areas of focus. The SwitchOff system shows our commitment to Goal 13 (Climate Action) and ensuring that public transport is limiting its carbon footprint as much as possible.