Women in Bus

In addressing the long-standing lack of gender diversity in public transport, we're encouraging women to join our bus companies.

We established a 'Women in Bus' network in 2019 and have set a company-wide target to increase female representation in bus from 11% to 20% by 2025.


We are encouraging women to join the bus sector across our companies in the UK. Go-Ahead London is working in conjunction with TfL to bring in female bus drivers through the apprenticeship route, while Brighton & Hove Buses launched a “Women behind the Wheel” campaign in 2019 with the intention to recruit more female drivers. 

The 'Women in Bus' network is chaired by Sophie Moorby, one of the youngest depot managers in Go-Ahead history. She is joined by vice chair Rebecca Kite, who is a driving instructor at Brighton & Hove buses. The network is open to all Go-Ahead’s bus colleagues, from those on the frontline to supervisors, managers, engineers and senior executives.  The network provides visible role models to colleagues and creates a forum for women to raise issues, share experiences and support each other.

While we recognise there is a way to go to becoming a fully diverse workforce, we are committed to being the instigators of change and seeing a greater gender balance in bus.