Happier customers

Our vision is a world where every journey is taken care of and it is our mission to provide our customers with a consistent and reliable service. 

Leading in customer satisfaction 

We build relationships with our customers through our front-line staff, customer ambassadors and social media.

These interactions allow us to better understand the needs of our passengers and where to focus improvements, which allows us to provide a better all-round service.

We aim to make travelling with us the simple and easy choice. During the year, we invested £87.3m on new buses and refurbishments, £12.3m improving our bus services and a further £27.1m making improvements to our rail services including upgrading station facilities and improving our technology to enhance customers’ experiences.

End to end journeys

We are always looking at how to improve the customers journey and offering a range of flexible and easy payment options to make travelling with us easier is a priority.

Our bus smartcard scheme, “the Key”, is now the largest commercial scheme outside London with over one million users. We were also one of the first to introduce mobile ticketing and have invested in a new mobile ticketing app enabling our bus passengers to plan and buy their tickets and track the exact location of their bus. 

In rail, we introduced a smartcard, KeyGo, across GTR services enabling fare capping and pay as you go. Customers using KeyGo can continue their journeyon all Go-Ahead local bus operations, giving customers one easy solution for multiple modes of travel. We also introduced Delay Repay across the network and we were the first train operator to introduce DelayRepay15, compensating any passenger using the KeyGo smartcard who is delayed by 15 minutes or more.

Transport for everyone

We are committed to providing an inclusive transport service for everyone.

All our bus and rail operators strive to make their services as accessible as possible. in 2018, we launched the Helping Hand card across our UK bus network which helps passengers with accessibility needs, specifically hidden disabilities, communicate with bus drivers. All of our customer-facing colleagues have training in assisting people living with dementia and those who are blind or partially sighted. Our buses and trains are accessible to wheelchair users and we continue to increase audible announcements and information screens across our services. 

Being mindful that the majority of passenger journeys don’t start and end with a bus or train journey, we are committed to investing in innovative solutions to drive the future of transport growth and provide the best customer experience from door to door.

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