Cleaner environment

Public transport is the solution for poor air quality and congestion in cities. 

By managing our businesses in a responsible and sustainable way, we help to create thriving economies whilst limiting our impact on the environment.

A UK leader

GNE Electric Bus Voltra (3).jpgWe are consistently recognised for our commitment to cutting carbon emissions. We aim to run a zero emission bus fleet by 2035 - five years ahead of the UK government's targets.

In 2021 we received an A- rating from the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), the highest of all bus and rail companies. We have achieved a 22 per cent absolute reduction in carbon emissions since 2016 – a period in which the company has expanded internationally into Singapore, Ireland, Norway, and Germany.

We are also the 'most admired' transport company in the UK (including airlines and airline groups) for community and environmental responsibility. That's according to Britain's longest running survey of corporate reputation. 

Responsible operations

Enviro 400 PR1.jpegWe understand the role public transport plays on the environment and are continually looking into ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We are a founding member of Greener Journeys, a national alliance of bus companies that aims to encourage a modal shift from car to bus and coach to reduce emissions.

We are the largest operator of electric buses in the UK. Go-Ahead London's electric bus garage in Waterloo won the internationally recognised Energy Globe Award in 2019. 

We continue to trial new sustainable transport solutions. In Brighton & Hove, we launched 'geo-fenced' hybrid electric buses that switch to zero-emissions in the city centre. We also created the world's first 'air filtering bus' in 2019 in Southampton, which cleans the air as it drives through the city.

Air filtering busOur bus investments

Improving on our environmental impact

IMG_2388 (1).jpgWe are committed to conducting extensive risk and opportunities assessments on climate change and exploring how we can improve our transparency on greenhouse gas emissions. We are committed in incorporating the financial implications of climate change in our reporting, in compliance with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures. 

As part of our long-term commitment for a cleaner environment, we are working with government institutions to tackle climate change, air quality and pollution and we are exploring setting appropriate Science Based Targets.

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