Our people

We strive to be the employer of choice for the transport industry by empowering our workforce and maintaining high levels of employee retention.

We are focussed on being an inclusive and diverse business that focuses on learning and development while also promoting high levels of engagement. 

Futureproofing our workforce 

smallimage4.jpgOur colleagues are our most valuable asset and we continue to invest in them. We recognise the importance of learning and development and have a culture of continuous improvement. 

Go-Ahead is the only public transport operator registered as an approved provider delivering apprenticeships across both bus and rail.

Our graduate programme enables employees to learn on the job through placements in different parts of the business over two years, developing leadership skills through the course of their placement. 

Our apprenticeships Our graduates

Inclusion and diversity 

Go-Ahead’s commitment to inclusion and diversity comes from the top. We want our workforce to reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate.  We believe in equal opportunities and give full and fair consideration to all job applications.  

We are also on a journey to increase the number of women working in the transport industry, as well as commitment to increase the ethnic diversity of our senior leadership teams. Our Gender Pay Gap Report symbolises our desire to encourage more women into the transport sector

Women in bus Women in rail Gender pay gap report

Colleague engagement

_SJH5465.jpgWe work hard to ensure that we listen to all colleagues and keep them up to date on news and updates relating to the company. The results from our colleague surveys provide a measure of colleague engagement and help us identify areas where we can improve as an employer.

A considerable proportion of our workforce is represented by trade unions and employee representatives and we strive to foster positive working relationships with them.

We also have a responsibility to ensure no physical harm comes to our people while they are at work, with safety being a fundamental part of our strategy. We take preventive actions and invest in training and awareness activities to ensure the health and safety of our colleagues.

Pulse Surveys

It's important we give our employees the chance to feedback to us. At our head office and across our UK bus companies we run pulse surveys, providing us with invaluable insight into how we can improve.

Pulse surveys give us feedback more regularly which enables us as a business to consistently review and deliver improvements.

development goals

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