Smarter technology

Passenger needs are changing - and so are we. We must remain relevant and stay in tune with changing expectations of the transport sector.

Demand-responsive transport (DRT)

We continue to trial new transport solutions to better understand the changing needs of passengers

Flexible transport solutions are not fixed to a route or timetable, but respond to the demands of passengers in the area. We have been piloting a demand-responsive transport (DRT) scheme in Oxford since July 2018. This service, called PickMeUp, allows passengers to summon a luxury minibus collection within minutes at a virtual bus stop nearby by using a mobile app.  We have also worked on a DRT trial in south London, in conjunction with Transport for London. The area of Sutton was chosen because it has been a traditionally difficult area to serve with public transport.


passengers served in the first year of PickMeUp

Continuous Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of what we do - whether it's developing new products and services, or finding ways to cut congestion and improve air quality

We believe that one idea can transform the billion journeys that are taken on our services each year. The Billion Journey Project programme helps start-up companies to scale their businesses. Over 12 weeks, start-ups receiving mentoring from industry leaders, access to Go-Ahead data and insights from the travel industry. 

The Billion Journey Project is now in its third year and has seen successes. From the 2019 cohort we are running pilot programmes with Citi Logik, who provide an information service that helps passengers understand how busy their trains will be before boarding, and Airportr – a service that picks up passengers' luggage from their home to make it easy for passengers to travel.

Learn more about Billion Journey Project

Smart ticketing

Go-Ahead continues to invest in smarter ways to improve the service we offer customers and to make it as easy as possible for them to travel.

We operate the largest smartcard scheme for rail outside of London’s Oyster card zone. Through smart cards and mobile ticketing (m-ticketing) we have a greater understanding of our customers’ behaviours and preferences so we can communicate with them in a more personalised way. We were one of the first companies in the rail sector to introduce mobile ticketing. In September 2019, Brighton & Hove and Metrobus were the first operators outside of London to bring contactless tap-on, tap-off technology for the first time - achieving 1 million customer journeys in four months.


Of our bus services accept contactless payment

Sustainable development goals

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