We’re on a mission

Through our innovation strategy and our successes partnering with cutting edge start-ups and scale-ups via The Billion Journey Project, the UK's largest public transport proof of concept programme', Go-Ahead is leading the way in preparing for the future of transport

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Travel on demand

Demand-responsive transport (DRT) provides a flexible solution for passenger journeys, with a quick tap on an app or a call on the phone.

We have ventured into the world of demand-responsive transport on three occasions, including a one-year trial in Sutton and a two-year trial in Oxford. We are using all our lessons learned in our new venture in North Lincolnshire.

DRT means that our buses don't have a strict timetable, but answer to the needs of customers across a region. A passenger can simply request a ride and will be picked up by one of our services. 


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Cleaning the air while travelling

Poor air quality is an increasingly serious and global issue. We fitted a filter on top of a bus to combat poor air quality in cities.

The filter, made up of three fans, is designed to remove up to 99.5% of particulate matter from the air without impacting passengers’ travel experiences.

We first trialled the idea in Southampton on our Bluestar fleet (a subsidiary of Go South Coast). Over 100 days we collected 65g of particulate matter from the air – the weight of a tennis ball.

We have now rolled out five buses across Southampton and will be extending them to other cities as funding becomes available.

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Encouraging social distancing

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have launched a range of technology tools that help passengers to continue to travel in safety and with confidence.

We worked with CitySwift to launch ‘When2Travel’, a transport tool that helps passengers to socially distance. This technology indicates how busy each bus will be by using artificial intelligence.

One of our previous rail franchises also launched Seatfinder, helping passengers to understand where to sit in each carriage to maintain their distance from other passengers.

Sustainable transport solutions

We are at the forefront of investing and trialling new technologies. We run the largest electric bus fleet in the UK and built the first ever electric bus garage in Waterloo, London.

Other technologies include 'geo-fenced' hybrid buses in Brighton & Hove that smartly switch to electric in the city centre's Ultra Low Emissions Zone.