With over 30 years of expertise leading in public transport and customer experience in the UK, in 2015 we made the decision to expand our international profile.

To date we have won 10 international contracts across five countries. We currently operate rail services in Norway and Germany, as well as bus contracts in Australia, Singapore, Sweden and Ireland. 

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services a week

We operate rail services across the German states of Baden Württemberg and Bavaria.

The Go-Ahead Group started operating rail services in Germany in 2019.

Our German services run between Stuttgart, with more contracts going live in 2021 and 2023.  It took four years to mobilise in 2019, requiring us to build a brand new depot in the area Essingen.

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Go-Ahead Ireland provides bus services in Outer Dublin, as well as commuter routes.

Go-Ahead Ireland was the first private operator to be chosen by the National Transport Authority (NTA) to run bus services. We started operating services in September 2018.

Go-Ahead Ireland manages 30 routes overall, including 24 in Outer Dublin and six commuter routes that link the towns of Offaly, Laois, Meath and Kildare.  We are proud to be serving the people of Dublin and look forward to expanding our services over the coming years.

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daily services

Our rail operations in Norway provide services between Oslo, Kristiansand and Stavanger.

Go-Ahead was the first publicly listed company to win a rail contract in Norway and we successfully commenced rail services in 2019.

We operate services that include long distance and commuter rail routes. We run 18 services a day on the Oslo-Stavanger route, a nine-hour train journey across the south coast of the Nordic country.


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Go-Ahead Singapore operates bus services across the country.

We were awarded the contract to enter the bus market in 2016 out from the Loyang bus depot in eastern Singapore.  

The company currently operates 30 public bus routes. Using the knowledge gained over the past two decades, Go-Ahead Singapore has managed to deliver overall bus satisfaction of 98%, with 90% of users saying that the bus system has improved since the company first started operations.


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Flexbuss Sverige AB operates a variety of bus services including scheduled bus services, school transport, medical transfer and private hire services mostly in the southern part of Sweden.

On 1 April 2022, Flexbuss Sverige AB was acquired by Go-Ahead Nordic. Flexbuss Sverige AB has a strong position in its market, local expertise and a reputation as a good quality operator. Flexbuss is highly appreciated among the local PTAs in Sweden.

Our future goals will focus on growth by broadening tender work and enabling Flexbuss to win larger tenders through the support of Go-Ahead Nordic.