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Go-Ahead is a leading bus operator in the UK both in and outside London. We also operate bus services in Singapore and Dublin. Around two million passenger journeys are made on our services every day.


Go-Ahead is a leading bus operator in the UK, both in and outside London. Over two million passenger journeys are made on our services every day

Total bus revenue increased by 3.6%, or £32.2m, to £934.2.m (2017: £902m), while operating profit was broadly in line with the prior year at £91.4m on a pre-exceptional items basis (2017: £90.7m), it resulted in a slight decline in operating profit margin of 0.3ppts to 9.8%. 

Regional bus

This market comprises all our UK bus operations outside London. While most services are operated on a commercial basis, some tendered services, such as school bus contracts, are operated on behalf of local authorities.

Operators are responsible for their own vehicles and depots, as well as setting routes, fares and service frequency.

While overall passenger volumes in the regional bus market have been declining for decades, some areas are going from strength to strength with passenger numbers rising each year. This applies to the majority of Go-Ahead’s regional bus operations. It’s important we continue to meet, and aim to exceed, customers’ expectations, introducing more features like WiFi, USB charging points and mobile apps Our investment is targeted, focusing on areas and routes where passenger demand is highest, providing the best return on our investment. We’re also investing in newer, greener vehicles.

London bus

Transport for London (TfL) tenders contracts to bus operators which run individual bus routes in London for five to seven years. Operators, which are responsible for their own vehicles and depots, are paid through gross cost contracts on a revenue per mile basis. TfL sets routes and service frequency, while the Mayor of London is responsible for setting fares.


Go-Ahead acquired Brighton & Hove Bus Company in 1993.

Go-Ahead Ireland began it's bus operations in September 2018 and currently operates 24 routes in the outer Dublin area and will commece operations of it's 6 commuter routes, which link Dublin to the towns in Offaly, Laois, Meath and Kildare, in late 2019.




In 2010 Konectbus was acquired and in 2012 Hedingham Omnibuses, HC Chambers and Son all became part of Go East Anglia providing services around Norwich and the Suffolk coast.



Go-Ahead entered the London bus market in 1994 through the acquisition of London Central. In 1996 acquiring London General, 2006 Docklands Minibuses, 2007 Blue Triangle and in 2008 East Thames Buses. Now Go-Ahead London provides around 24% of all London's services on behalf of Transport for London.

Created in 1987 as Go-Ahead Northern during the privatisation of the National Bus Company. Go North East now provides services in and around Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, Durham, Gateshead, Sunderland and the surrounding areas.

Go South Coast is the name behind a number of companies on the South Coast of the UK, the first of which was acquired by Go-Ahead in 2003. Morebus serves Bournemouth and Poole; Reds provides services for Salisbury and Wiltshire; Bluestar serves Southampton and South Hampshire; Southern vectis serves the Isle of Wight; Damory operates in Dorset and Hants and Dorset Trim is a specialist bus refurbishment business.


Metrobus was acquired in 1999. It runs a network of routes across Sussex, Surrey and Kent including the Fastway Bus Rapid Transit service in the Gatwick and Crawley area.

Oxford Bus Company was acquired by Go-Ahead in 1994. In 2011 it acquired Thames Travel and in 2012 Carousel Buses. Now the company operates services in and Oxford, including park and ride services, and coach services between Oxford and central London and Gatwick and Heathrow airports. 

Plymouth Citybus was acquired in 2009 and provides services across a wide network in and around the city


Go-Ahead Singapore entered the local public transport industry in 2016 after being awarded a contract to operate routes out of Loyang Bus Depot, serving Pasir Ris and Punggol bus interchanges.


Go North West was incorporated in 2019, following the acquisition of the Queen’s Road bus dept. GNW start operating buses from the 2ndJune 2019. Buses from Queen’s Road predominantly serve destinations in the centre, North Manchester and Salford.