Materiality assessment

The sustainability materiality review helps us focus on the most relevant issues for our key stakeholders.

We place importance on minimising the gaps between stakeholder expectations, our actions and performance. 

This review ensures the right measures are in place to focus our attention on what matters to stakeholders but also support us to achieve our vision. 

Of the 30 or more issues reviewed during the process, the issues below are those identified as key to the business and important to our stakeholders.

Managing risk

Sustainability development goals 

The United Nations vision for a more sustainable planet has 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We recognise that we play an important role in society and can contribute positively to this vision. Of these goals, we have identified five where we believe we can make a positive social impact. 

3. Good health.svg

5.Gender equality.svg

8. Economic growth.svg

11. Sustainable cities.svg

13. Climate action.svg

Stakeholder engagement

We play an important role providing a vital service for our communities through the people we employ and the taxes we pay.

We place great importance on partnership, adopting a collaborative approach with governments, local communities and strategic partners, and developing and running services that create long term value for all of us.

Our stakeholders are the groups of people and individuals who have an interest in what we do, how we do it and the impact that we have as a business. By engaging our key stakeholders meaningfully, we gain insights into their expectations and identify the material issues that are of high concern. This feedback forms part of our decision-making process and helps us continuously improve, and progress towards our vision and long term ambitions.