Future Mobility Hubs

Future Mobility Hubs will involve rethinking our journey ecosystem in order to create inclusive mobility, healthy streets and vibrant neighbourhoods.

Our towns and cities will undergo immense structural changes as we tackle issues such as net zero carbon, inclusivity and health. We believe that now is the time to be ambitious and rethink the role of bus stops in everyone's journeys.

Supporting the transition towards sustainable journeys

Go-Ahead has worked in conjunction with Arup to create a thought leadership document on Future Mobility Hubs. The purpose of this document is to share Go-Ahead’s
and Arup’s vision for how Future Mobility Hubs can
be developed for different contexts within the UK.

We believe that while you wait for your bus it should be an enjoyable and useful part of your journey, as well as link with and promote other forms of public and active transport.

Download Future Mobility Hubs Report