Go-Ahead calls for national bus strategy to benefit economy and society

With a view to tackling declining bus use in England, Go-Ahead is calling for the creation of a National Bus Strategy to benefit the economy and society.

Go-Ahead run a fleet of 5,200 buses in the UK, with our local companies delivering services across the country from Plymouth to Newcastle. 

In our recent trading update, we confirmed growth of bus journeys (outside London) of 3.5%, amidst a challenging market.

Despite 3.5m people in the UK travelling to work by bus, and around two-thirds of all public transport journeys being by bus, there is no dedicated bus strategy. A national strategy could provide a framework for effective delivery of local solutions. Go-Ahead recommends a strategy which emphasises four pillars:

  • Society: Put buses at the heart of planning for schools, hospitals, housing, town centres and social services;
  • Standards: Flexible partnerships between local authorities and commercial bus operators that play to each other’s strengths and tackle the variability in provision for quality bus services;
  • Targets: Challenge local authorities and bus operators by setting demanding targets for passenger numbers, punctuality and journey times;
  • Green technology: Accelerate the shift to ultra-low and zero emissions vehicles to improve air quality for all.

As our document sets out, Go-Ahead has a number of proposals to grow bus use for the benefit of our economy and society, drawing on our breadth of experience.

Read our full strategy here