Go-Ahead Stands Firm during Mental Health Awareness Week

On Mental Health Awareness Week (13th – 19th May), Go-Ahead, a leading public transport provider, reiterates its commitment to prioritising mental well-being within its workforce. With a strong emphasis on fostering an open and supportive culture. Go-Ahead announces a range of initiatives aimed at promoting mental health awareness across its rail and bus networks.

Chatty Bus on Tour: Breaking Barriers and Encouraging Conversations

On Wednesday, May 15th, Go East Anglia’s Chatty Bus will embark on a journey spanning three counties with Chatty Bus Champion volunteers from Norfolk and Waveney Mind, Suffolk Mind, and Mid Essex Mind, and Go East Anglia colleagues. They will cover designated routes, from Clacton to Colchester in Essex, Swanton Morley to Norwich in Norfolk, and Bury to Sudbury. At each endpoint, passengers will find mindfulness/support cafés, offering complimentary drinks and a space for meaningful conversations.

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GTR Appoints Chief Medical Officer: A Strategic Move for Mental Health

Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) proudly announces the appointment of Dr. Danielle Eaton as its new Chief Medical Officer during Mental Health Awareness Week. Dr. Eaton's expertise and leadership will play a pivotal role in enhancing mental health support and initiatives across GTR's rail network. This appointment underscores GTR's unwavering commitment to prioritising the well-being of both employees and passengers, ensuring that mental health remains a top priority within the company's operations.

Dr Dani shares her top tips for maintaining a positive mindset:

1.       Ensure your body is getting the sleep it needs – most adults need between 7 and 9 hours every night.

2.       Try to reduce screen time. Modern life revolves around phones and computers, but they can affect sleeping patterns. Try to stop screen-related activities an hour before you go to bed.

3.       Spending time in nature has been found to help with mental health issues like anxiety and depression, so factoring time for fresh air or a quick walk is vital. 

4.       Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle with moderate exercise and a balanced diet.

5.       Spend time with others. Whether it’s dinner with friends or meeting new people through a hobby. Socialising can help to boost your mental health.

Dr Dani heads up a team of 16 occupational health clinicians and staff at GTR. The operator also has access to mental health support and an Employee Assistance Programme, as well as a Health and Wellbeing hub online, which is available to all employees.

Go North East's Mental Health First Aiders Recruitment Drive

Internally, Go North East is actively recruiting for Mental Health First Aiders, commencing on the 13th of May, coinciding with the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week. With 16 spaces available, these individuals will be responsible for supporting their colleagues in the workplace, serving as points of contact for anyone experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress. This initiative will be advertised across all depots for all its employees across the region.

Unleashing Creativity for Mental Health Awareness at Go-Ahead Singapore

In collaboration with the Health Promotion Board in Singapore, Go-Ahead Singapore recently hosted an art jamming workshop at its depot, aimed at promoting mental health awareness. This engaging session offered participants insights into common mental health issues, risk factors, coping strategies, and the importance of self-care.

Art jamming, a form of expressive therapy, allowed participants alleviate daily stress by painting on tote bags. This creative outlet not only allowed them to express their artistic talents but also emphasised the significance of taking breaks. Additionally, they learned relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation, enhancing their overall well-being.

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Carolyn Ferguson, Go-Ahead Chief People Officer, emphasised, "At Go-Ahead, we recognise the importance of prioritising mental health and well-being for both our employees and passengers. Mental Health Awareness Week provides an opportunity for us to reaffirm our commitment to supporting mental health initiatives and encouraging a culture of openness and support across our organisation.”