Norwegian ice hockey champions let the train take the strain

After a fiercely competitive ice hockey match, a good night’s sleep is essential. So, the Stavanger Oilers, the reigning Norwegian champions, have chosen Go-Ahead Nordic’s night train for their journeys home from away matches.

The Oilers are the only team in Norway’s highest ice hockey league to be based in the west of the country – which means they travel long distances to games. They’ve opted for overnight trains for twin reasons of comfort and environmental awareness. Their ground-breaking collaboration with Go-Ahead Nordic is set to inspire fans, players, and organisations alike to embrace a more sustainable approach to sports.

The Oilers will be travelling home on Go-Ahead’s Sørlandsbanen route which goes between the Norwegian capital, Oslo, in the east and Stavanger, in western Norway, where the team is based. The journey takes just under nine hours, and trains have sleeper cabins with twin beds.

“At Go-Ahead we believe innovative partnerships such as this are a key way to promote the rail industry as a premier choice for businesses who want to deliver on sustainability," says Irene Dahl Jonassen, Business Developer at Go-Ahead.

After his first journey home from an away game in Asker, Oilers player Greg Mauldin has nothing but praise for the experience:

"I think taking the train home from the game worked really well. The carriages were comfortable, we were greeted by friendly staff, I slept well on the trip and the team got back to Stavanger efficiently without having to stay in a hotel in Eastern Norway. And let's not forget the environmental aspect of this. It's important that everyone contributes where they can," says Greg, who is looking forward to future trips with Go-Ahead.

To celebrate the collaboration, a special Oilers train has been created. The partnership is setting an example for the entire sports industry and sending a powerful message that everyone can make a difference.

Go-Ahead Nordic, a subsidiary of the Go-Ahead Group, is renowned for its pioneering work in sustainable transportation solutions. With a focus on reducing carbon emissions, enhancing public transportation, and promoting eco-friendly mobility options, Go-Ahead Nordic is setting new industry standards.