Women in Rail

Rail has been a traditionally male-dominated sector. We're working hard to change this across GTR and Southeastern. 

We must recruit women into rail and also work to retain and empower our female workforce. 

In 2019, Southeastern made significant changes to retain and recruit women into the workplace. This included re-examining HR policies - such as introducing a fertility policy - and working with universities and schools to attract women into the sector. Women are being supported through initiatives such as menopause awareness training and 'unconscious bias' training for people managers. _SJH5598.jpg

In 2018, female train drivers accounted for only 5.1% of Southern's workforce (part of Govia Thameslink Railway). We are making significant step-changes to promote diversity, with GTR setting a target that at least 40% of applicants for train driver roles will be female by 2021.

To drive recruitment, GTR has attended careers events and implemented targeted recruitment campaigns to encourage more female applicants. One collaboration with the website Mumsnet was particularly successful. Trainee Train Driver adverts placed on the site generated the largest number of applications since the company launched its job portal. 

Both GTR and Southeastern have created women’s groups to provide support to its colleagues. These groups are integral to creating an inclusive atmosphere and championing women in the organisation to succeed and grow.