Stronger communities

As an operator of public transport, we provide a vital service to communities. 

Our services have continued to ensure that millions of people are able to get to work, education and access services.

Over the past year, we have made a significant contribution to the local economy




in payment to suppliers


reduction in carbon emissions per vehicle mile over the last four years 


paid in corporation tax

Our local approach

Being part of the local communities where Go-Ahead operate is an important part of our strategy.

Our devolved management approach enables our bus and rail companies to be more responsive to the needs of local passengers.

Our businesses work hard with local charities to support raise awareness of important causes. We encourage our colleagues to get involved with their local charities and we aim to match those fundraising efforts wherever possible. At a corporate level, Go-Ahead supports two UK-based charities which have a transport focus, Railway Children and Transaid. We have implemented the London Benchmarking Group model to measure and evaluate our community activity with annual community investments of around £1m across the Group.

We work and consult with local authorities on all topics that might affect our users, such as road works, new developments and events.  We have cultivated partnerships with councils to improve outcomes and services for passengers and three of our regional bus managing directors sit on the boards of their Local Economic Partnerships.

Sustainable procurement

We published an industry-first Sustainable Procurement Charter which is a comprehensive supply chain policy that establishes minimum criteria in core areas of corporate responsibility. Under the charter, suppliers must demonstrate a commitment to health and safety, diversity and inclusion and climate action.

The supply chain charter focuses on our five sustainability priority areas:

  1. Happier customers
  2. Stronger communities
  3. Better teams
  4. Cleaner environment
  5. Smarter technology.

It has been chosen in partnership with suppliers including Michelin, Siemens and Alexander Dennis.

Working in partnership

Both of our rail franchises have either a partnership plan or a BS11000 Collaborative Business Relationship accreditation with Network Rail and TfL.

We also participate in a number of technical committees with the Confederation of Passenger Transport such as the Engineering Committee, Road Operations Committee, Skills and Training Committee, Insurance and Risk Committee to name a few. When working with suppliers, we engage with them regularly to effectively monitor, manage and mitigate risks in our supply chain.

We also conduct periodic surveys of our current suppliers to monitor how we are perceived and use that feedback to enhance our working relationships. For significant suppliers, contract managers are assigned to manage the relationship with meetings taking place on a monthly basis. We also hold regular meetings to discuss contract performance and opportunities for improvement..

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